A180 Westgate Cycle Highway
Engie on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) are inviting local residents and businesses to comment on the draft detailed design for Westgate Roundabout – Lockhill Roundabout Cycle Highway scheme.

The survey forms one of the preliminary stages of introducing a new scheme and is used to gauge initial feedback. Proposals developed will be reviewed by the NELC Portfolio Holder for Energy and Environment.

The project will provide a direct off-road cycle link which will give cyclists a safe and sustainable route across the South Humber Bank between the ports of Immingham and Grimsby to access work and training facilities.
When the project is complete the new cycle links, when combined with existing cycle and walking infrastructure, will provide the longest continuous off-road cycle link in the borough.
The project comprises of three locations:

  • Hobson Way, Immingham
  • 180 Westgate – Lockhill, Grimsby
  • A1173 Immingham – Stallingborough  

The new A180 Westgate – Lockhill cycle link will run between the two busy roundabouts, creating a safer route for cyclists who previously would have used the busy dual carriageway.
There will be an opportunities to comment on both the Hobson Way and A1173 Immingham to Stallingborough locations via additional surveys which will be advertised.
Please click the below link to see the area proposed.

Section 1

Please provide your name and contact details below for our records. Although we will record any anonymous responses, we will not include the data provided in them towards any decision.
Section 2

Q1. Are you responding as:
Q2. Do the proposed works meet the outcomes?
Is there anything that can be changed to help meet these outcomes?
Q4. Is there anything that we need to be aware of?
Q5. Do you feel like you need to meet a member of the highways team to obtain more information?
We will hold a public event if there are 15 or more persons interested. You can provide your email address in Section 1 to be informed of this event.
Q6. Do you frequently travel along A180 Westgate by bike? 
We would like to know the direction in which cyclists are travelling when they use A180 Westgate. If you selected yes, please leave some details of your route, for example, cycled from King Edward Street, to Victoria Street North and onto the A180.  
Q7. Would you like to be informed of the detailed design?
Please enter your email in Section 1.
Any further comments: